Friday, September 9, 2011

out of my (train) window.

I am not sure where I want this post to go, but I want to talk about this ad that I saw last week in a train station in Italy.

it's the new davidoff cool water ad campaign starring paul walker.
the style of the ad is the same very similar to the brand's campaigns of basically the last decade. but what caught my attention right away was the very poor photoshop job done to re-create the effect of water dripping down paul walker's face. in my opinion it makes the shoot look very cheap and therefore the add and the brand. couldn't they find someone with slightly better photoshop skills?!?

maybe it's just me and I know that sometimes I get too anal about this kind of details, but I really can't believe that no one had any concerns before releasing these images worldwide!
anyway...I guess paul walker is hot and sells no matter what.

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  1. I totally agree! I think his face and his body are actually from two different pictures during the same shoot. It's difficult to do the lighting that actually catches the water and to show his body hence why his face is from one lighting setup and his body from another. It does look pretty sh*tty. I really like him as their model, but if you look at Josh Holloway's it is much more realistic and well done.